Our Team

Cinpak's friendly and professional staff is committed to growing your business. Contact us for all your disposable, tabletop and janitorial supply needs.

Tony Lasita Partner Integrator/Visionary

Phone: (512)339-0508

Email: alasita@cinpak.com

Ken Gordon Partner National Sales Manager

North Texas, Arkansas

Phone: (214)244-2219

Email: kgordon@cinpak.com

Mary Gomez Vice President of Marketing & Sales Support

Phone: (210)967-9600

Email: mgomez@cinpak.com

Tim Johnson Vice President of Sales

Phone: (469)583-6683

Email: tjohnson@cinpak.com

Brittany Fink Sales Representative

North Texas, TX Panhandle, OK

Phone: (405)464-4311

Email: bfink@cinpak.com

Chase Scates Sales Representative

Louisiana, Mississippi

Phone: (225)202-5952

Email: cscates@cinpak.com

Marie Murillo Sales Representative

South Texas

Phone: (210)967-9600

Email: mmurillo@cinpak.com

Jeff Vogelsang Sales Representative

Central Texas

Phone: (214)621-4233

Email: jvogelsang@cinpak.com

Justin Cardenas Sales Representative


Phone: (834)449-9249

Email: jcardenas@cinpak.com

Morgan Fangman Sales Representative

Phone: (817)781-0321

Email: mfangman@cinpak.com

Krystle Hollander Sales Support

Phone: (210)967-9600

Email: khollander@cinpak.com

Stefanie Hernandez Sales Support

Phone: (210)967-9600

Email: shernandez@cinpak.com

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